Friday, May 23, 2014

A big hotpot to myself at Cook Idea

In Sai Kung, it is mainly boring seafood, crappy Chinese food and Western food.

Sai Kung is getting better these days because there is more Western food.

Chinese food is definitely not an option because villagers don't seem to cook it right.

However, this place is really cool especially their hotpots.

On my last visit I had noodles but I could smell the hotpots smelling good so came back for it.
They were really nice and let me order a hotpot and just noodles.

Hotpot with chicken in herbal soup:

The soup was rich with a strong chicken and herb taste. It had the usual herb bitterness which was balanced by the sweetness of th red dates.
On this visit, I had white meat which was lovely and tender.

The hotpot was a bargain because the noodles and hotpot did not cost more than $60.

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