Thursday, May 08, 2014

Huge novelty eggtart from Tai Cheong bakery

This could be the most expensive egg tart if it was a real egg tart which costs $58 from Tai Cheong Bakery.

I was attracted by the huge size only and that fact that it was a cake shaped like an egg tart.

The egg tart picture was posted on All About Hong Kong's FBFP or I would not have known about the size according to the poster because in Chinese it does not indicate it was huge and the English word Jumbo was in small print.
All About Hong Kong is a great FB page that provides the latest information about Hong Kong in English.

Attempted to get it from the Wan Chai branch but it was sold out.

Since I was having dinner at Kornhill Plaza I phoned that branch and asked if it was available.
The lady I spoke to called Exx Lxxxx was reluctant to reserve me the last one because she was afraid that I would not turn up.
When I gave her my English name (not supersupergirl of course), she tried to be smart and challenge me the way it was spelt which no Hong Konger has dared to ask because usually they can't spell or hear it over the phone. WTF!!!
But then it was cool because it shows she has a good knowledge of English or trying to make things difficult and hope that I wouldn't reserve the cake.
She even stressed that the cake was for MOTHERS DAY ONLY and not any ordinary cake.

**According to the Tai Cheong staff, only three are sold a day so they better rev it up if lots of people are going to buy it!!
After all that crap, I got there earlier than the stated time just in case she got schizy and worried .

According to All about Hong Kong, it is a Jumbo Egg Tart Cake (weight around 1lb), with sponge cake & cream inside the tart crust and a layer of lemon mousse on top.

The crust was really hard and thick which took immense strength to slice it!!
When I sliced it, the texture of the top yellow layer was a bit like soft gelatine pudding but not mousse like!!

From the cross section, you can see layers of sponge, cream and lemon mousse on top.

The taste was nicer than a real egg tart because I don't like HK style egg tarts.
It reminded me of a lemon tart with a thick crust with cream and cake in it as well.
The lemon layer was quite nice which was not too sweet or tart.
It would be great if the whole tart was filled with that lemon layer because I was not fond of the Chinese cream or cake even though it tasted ok overall.

Video of the huge egg tart!!

Chocolate version:

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