Friday, May 16, 2014

Oyster burger

Burgeroom has been around for ages offering an extensive choice of burgers.

With the recent opening of The Chop House offering Soft Shell crab sandwiches I suddenly remembered thatBurgeroom had it as well.

It was my first visit at Burgeroom because I used to think it was expensive but after comparing the menu to The Chop House, Burgeroom was cheaper and had more choices which was won even though I probably would not choose those burgers.

For the soft shell crab, The Chop house was cheaper because you get three and the coating is lighter. However the one at Burgeroom was coated in batter and I was glad I did not choose it when I saw it served.

Burgeroom's Soft Shell Crab Burger $95 vs SOFT SHELL CRAB CLUB SANDWICHES (3) $138.

At Burgeroom, the choice of seafood burgers were great and some of them had foie gras in them too:

Boston lobster $188
Foie Gras Soft Shell Crab Burger $168
Portobello Sole Fish Burger 98
Foie Gras Sole Fish Burger 148

When you dine at the Burgeroom, you have to order from the counter which was quite annoying as their burgers are quite pricey.
However they do bring the food over to you.

If you order drinks, you have to get it from the cabinet.

The plastic knives and forks were well hidden.

The burgers were served in a basket which made it difficult to eat and their tables were cramped and close to other tables.

Oyster cheese burger:
If you didn't eat pork or you were a Muslim, then you would not be impressed to find a piece of stray bacon in it like I did.

There were four oysters coated in crispy breadcrumbs in the burger.

The bun was rather burnt!!

With the burger sliced in half, it was perfect having an oyster with each quadrant.
The processed cheese went well with the oysters because it was not too overwhelming with a lightly salted cheese taste.
I was really glad I chose this over the Soft Shell crab burger because this could be the only place in Hong Kong that serves oyster burgers.

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