Saturday, May 17, 2014

Next Station ... Mong Kok for Dessert

Previously tried this place at Tai Kok Tsui which was remotely located and quite a trek if you don't live there.

They are now located in the outskirts of Mong Kok right across the road from HeSheEats so people who were going to HeSheEats would have another option if the queue is really long!!

Photos of the desserterie:
The style is quite different to the other branch, there are lots of wooden tables and shelves contrasted by different ornaments.

It feels like being in the film 'back to the future' as well as school because of the blackboard.

Here was what I tried:
Warm chocolate foam:Kirsch cherry compote, Lady finger, pink lady yoghurt icecream, warm chocolate foam

I chose this because it had chocolate foam and cherries.
If it was not too sweet then it would have been perfect especially the pairing of cherries and airy light foam balanced by the refreshing yoghurt icecream.
Chestnut purple sweet Potato Mountain:

Sweet purple potato lovers are going to love this because the sweet potato puree has a strong taste with velvety chestnut puree on top.
Test tubes:

Cucumber wasabi shaved ice

Mojito (White plum jelly, Lime mousse, Mint jelly)

Earl grey panna cotta with expresso foam

This was a fun experiment to eat!
You are advised to have the cucumber first, then the lime and then the earl grey.
Personally I liked the refreshing shaved ice because wasabi and cucumber work well together and the earl grey because it was strong enhanced by the bitterness of the expresso.
Next Station ... Dessert
13 Hak Po Street
Mong Kok

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