Monday, May 19, 2014

Delicious marmite bap from Chip In

Since the new menu was launched, I have been meaning to get the Marmite bap, but Sai Kung is a real pain in the ass because people flock there and you can't get out. There are not enough minibuses and it is single lane traffic in and out of Sai Kung with lots of flash floods causing havoc!

It was raining that day which was the perfect time to go to SK!

I got a takeaway and needed a plastic bag because it was pouring with rain.
Posted a picture of the bag because the the logo is really nicely designed.

Marmite and cheese bap:

Expats who love Marmite will love this!
It was the first time I had marmite with cheese because I normally just have marmite with bread, however the saltiness and the cheese went superbly well together.
It made me hungrier and I regretted not getting two .
Chip In Fish & Chips
Shop 11, G/F, Ko Shing House, 9 King Man Street, Sai Kung
Opening hours: 
Mon-Sun: 12:00-19:30
Closed on Wed

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