Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A delicious bacon sarnie from Burger Deli

Went there on a weekend so had to get there early before the damn people flock into sai kung.
As soon as I got my feed, I scrammed the hell out of there.

This place is going to be popular and busy on the weekends if they extend their opening hours.

Wanted to try their breakfasts but all the seats were occupied so got a bacon sarnie.

These people know what they are doing because they served the bacon sarnie in a sandwich with HP sauce.

The English menu was Chinglish free with 99% Western items except one Asian snack which was the prawn toast.

At the shop, they also sold cakes, expat confectionary, teas and drinks.

Bacon sarnie:
The sarnie was nicely toasted, lightly buttered and the saltiness of the bacon was just right complimented by the fruity brown sauce.

Hope to visit again on a rainy day so there won't be many people and it will be easier to get a seat and try more stuff.
Burger Deli:
G/F, 2 Ko Shing House, 9 King Man Street, Sai Kung

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