Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Having snacks at a Herbal Tea joint

It was dinner time and everywhere was packed and noisy.

However this shop was empty because people just assume herbal tea places only serve snacks and tea eggs.

After I sat down, I spotted more snacks and ordered them.

As usual, after I sit down in an empty shop, people start to come in and dine there too!!

The shaomai was the standard ones that they get from suppliers.
Made with ground fish and flour.

There was Chinese radish, chicken wing tips, fishballs and pigs skin on top of mountain yam noodles in curry sauce.
According to the menu, it seems to say lemon curry but I could not taste any lemon, and the instant noodles just tasted like the usual ones but were thinner and it probably had an insignificant percentage of mountain yam but significant enough to claim it was mountain yam instant noodles.
The Chinese radish was a bit old and stringy.
Malaysian Bak kut teh :

There was too much white pepper in it that you end up burning your throat before the herbal effects start to work.
Although there wasn't anything exciting about the food, it was better than being ripped off with rubbish food in that mall.


Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea
Shop 3, G/F, Yau Lai Shopping Centre, Yau Lai Estate, Yau Tong

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