Thursday, May 01, 2014

Pat Chun -Mouldy- Foods

Pat Chun Fine Foods (Central)

Walked past and saw some interesting Venison tendon dessert which is made with their famous sweetened vinegar.

The attitude of the staff were not that friendly when I went in to purchase it.

Luckily I took photos before I ate otherwise I would not have spotted the mould on the edges.

Took it back and told them about the mould but they didn't really give a shxt.
They were nice enough to give a refund without saying anything or bothering to inspect the mould because ironically there is a 7-day guaranteed goods exchange printed on the receipt.

There was another case of mould in January, 2012 reviewed by 瞟客

13-Jan 以$120買了一底紅豆糕,盒上註明期限至 20-Jan(=七天)。
抹去白點後試吃,酸的!mad 家人都說是裡面的奶份變了質。
紅豆糕賣這價錢不便宜,應該做好些品檢啊! huffy
不過他們售$155 的蘿蔔糕依然很好味。

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