Saturday, May 31, 2014

New secret hideout in central

A while ago I stumbled upon this new branch of Dolci 2/3 when I went to Holly Brown.

It was going to open that day but as I was busy I came back another day.

A few days later, I had a tasting in central, so the new branch was a perfect place to have a drink beforehand.

Although Dolci is famous for gelatos and cakes, they had pies and quiches.

quiches and pies
There are sandwiches if you need something more filling.

For the gelatos, they had 14 choices to choose from!!!

14 flavours!!!!!
A lovely tea selection.

Artisan teas
Salmon quiche $30:

The salmon quiche was really good because the thickness of the pastry was just right.
I loved the hints of cheese and chunky pieces of salmon embedded in the quiche.
Pistachio florentine:

Made with 66% French chocolate, pistachios and crunchy caramel.
This was divine, you could see there was so much pistachio in it and some crunchy caramel that held it together coated in chocolate.
It was like eating a lovely pistachio brittle and each element did not over power each other.
The texture and taste of the caramel was really nice because it was crunchy with a roasted taste.
Earl grey tea:

To finish off I had my favourite Earl grey tea which had loose leaves in the teabag that give it that rich earthy aromatic taste.
2/3 Dolci
Shop 1, 1/F Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road Central, Central

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