Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Instant noodles in mock sharks fin soup at 陳記魚蛋

Previously tried this branch in Wanchai where the lady got her stardom scowling at the camera on axxxx xxxly.
Now that shop has closed so went to this branch.
Instant noodles in mock sharks fin soup:

Before she put the noodles in the bowl I had to stop her because she put the noodle condiments in the bowl as well which is going to make it super salty since mocks sharks fin soup has a strong taste with lots of MSG.
It is strange that is it not common sense to leave out the condiments if the sauce/soup is already flavoured.
I had the same experience with Instant noodles with Sichuan sauce at another joint which was ruined because they put the condiments in the noodles.
The noodles were quite slimey and good for slurping but you have to becareful because they were really hot.
Anyway, eating these noodles reminded me of Western pot noodles which have a thick soup.
There were pieces of shredded chicken which were tough and stringy because they were there just for the flavour.

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