Sunday, February 15, 2015

Taiwanese CNY delights at Check-In Taipei

As  well as HK, Taiwan celebrates CNY as well.
At Check in Taipei, they have come up with some festive dishes which I tried.
Wintermelon pudding drink:

Started off with the wintermelon pudding drink topped with tapioca pearls, at the bottom of the drink was a silky pudding.
It was sweet and fun to drink.
Crispy pork knuckles:

These bites were topped with soft stewed pork knuckles which were tasty and gelatinous.
Taiwanese bbq prawns:

Next we had the bbq prawns which had a delicious mix of spices.
Braised pork nachos:

Then we had the nachos which were surprisingly addictive because the braised pork tastes much better than beef because the sauce has a lovely mix of savoury goodness.
Chinese pepper pig ears:

Although the Sichuan peppercorns were quite spicy, I really liked the crispy prawns crackers and the diced peppery pig ears and the piece of soft tofu beneath it.
Chicken and waffles:

These were similar to American chicken waffles but the chicken was crispy and it was coated with delicious Taiwanese spices complemented by the lovely sweet pineapple chunks in between.
Beef noodles:

To finish off, we had noodles which were delicious wide strips of slippery noodles with frilly edges.
Each strand was tasty after it absorbed the meaty broth and the pieces of beef were soft and well marinated.
Panna cotta:

The dessert was amazing because the Panna Cotta had pieces of pineapple in it and it tasted like heavenly clotted cream.
It was served with Taiwan's famous Sunny Hills pineapple cakes.
I didn't drink any cocktails that night but the others had it and I thought the presentation and the names of the cocktails were fun.
I love Tai-Mei:

Fly me to Taipei:


Yearning Taipei:


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