Friday, February 06, 2015

Romantic private dining at The Coterie

The Coterie took me by surprise because it was a wonderful secluded restaurant in TST and the food was fantastic paired with fine Christofle silverware.

We had the four course dinner.
Steamed egg with truffle:
It was smooth steamed egg with truffle paste on top and it had some seasalt flakes to give it extra flavour.
[b]Amuse bouche:[/b]The scallop
Seared scallop with tabbouleh salsa
Next we had seared scallop which was chunky and slightly springy served with my favourite tabbouleh salsa.
[b]The foie gras:[/b]
Poached foie gras in port wine and pear reduction
The foie gras was flawless paired with a sweet pear infused with port wine.
[b]The soup:[/b]
Calde verde with iberico chorizo and cep shavings
Next we had the soup which I really liked because it had lots of green vegetables and the Chorizo was mildly spicy.
[b]The pork:[/b]
Roast iberico pork belly galantine, porcini mushroom and madeira jus
For the mains, we were served pork belly which had a very springy texture just like pork neck meat.
The tiramisu was light and velvety and the cake was heavily soaked in alcohol.
To summarize, this is a great place to bring someone special and for celebrities to hang out.

The Coterie:
50 Hillwood Road, 9/F Flat B Charmhill Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui

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