Friday, February 06, 2015

A taste of Australia at Yamm

I have always wanted to go to Yamm but it is always fully booked.
Managed to get a table while they were doing an Aussie themed buffet until the 28th of this month.
Normally restaurants will feature different themes like British, American, Italian, German, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean but Australian food is extremely rare.

Hopefully we will see other themes like Polish, Russian, African, Scottish, Nordic, Egyptian coming up.
For the Aussie themed buffet they had Aussie yabbies which are like Dublin prawns, balmain bugs, baked whole barramundi, whole rack of lamb and others dishes.


balmain bugs

whole barramundi

whole rack of lamb
As I have a Western palate, all these were wonderful delights.
They had a nice range of cream cheeses.
-sundried tomato
-black pepper
-almond and apricot

For Asian palates, there was a good range of sushi and the much loved lobsters.

The tomato and lobster claw congee was divine. It tasted a like rich lobster bisque with a light tomato taste.

There was foie gras too.

If all that doesn't please you, there is a truffle pasta loaded with truffle.

Personally I liked the couscous, breads, the cream cheeses and the lobster claw congee.

Unfortunately I had a bit of a flu so I could only sample a few desserts.

The doughnut was my favourite because it was simple and delicious.

I can't wait to come again and hopefully they will have a different theme on the next visit.

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