Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kee Wah's Loaded Firecracker!!

For Chinese new year, candies and the CNY puddings are must have items so this huge FIRECRACKER fulfills all these requirements!!!

The firecracker rolls open with candies, CNY pudding and CNY treats!!!

Inside the firecracker, there are Handmade nougats, handmade chewy peanut candies with dessicated coconut, handmade crunchy pumpkin seed candies, White sesame and peanut puff pastries, sesame crunchies and a Mini CNY pudding!!
Handmade nougats

handmade chewy peanut candy with dessicated coconuts

handmade crunchy pumpkin seed candy

White sesame and peanut puff pastry

sesame crunches

Mini CNY pudding

My favourites were the nougats while the others were fighting over the Chinese treats.
The treats were gone in a flash and I was left with an empty firecracker which is a great box to store things.

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