Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Valentines series at 2/3 Dolci

The Valentines cake collection has got bigger this year and there are two new drinks as well.

Tried the TI AMO which was raspberry and Tiramisu cake, it was creamy with a mix of Tiramisu layers and tart raspberries.

Then, I had the AMORE which was panna cotta and mousse infused from real lychee and rose tea leaves.
It was the perfect pairing of lychee and rose with a good balance because you could taste the fragrant lychee and the rose was not too strong.

To finish off I had the AURORA which was rose and lychee latte served with a lovely thick milk cap infused with fragrant rose and lychee.

Last but not least was the KISSES, a hot nutty hazelnut and chocolate drink.

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