Saturday, February 21, 2015

Piri piri!! Frantically back for Flaming Frango

On my last visit, I couldn't get enough of piri piri chicken so I came back for more.
Their chicken is marinated for 24 hours so that the chicken is tasty.

Here was what I had.

There are two sauces, the FLAMIN HOT (orange one) is spicy which adds a sharp spiciness to the food while the (MINT and CORIANDER) green one is cooling.

Half chicken with two sides $198:

The chicken was better than my previous visit because it wasn't so spicy and it was tender and juicy.
The side of rice was really good with the chicken because it was lightly flavoured with tumeric.
Calamari spiced with mint, coriander and piri piri:

The calamari served with piri aioli was good but the coating could be crispier.
Piri-piri chicken jam served with crusted bread $78:

The chicken jam was amazing because the texture was exactly like chicken liver pate but there is no liver in it.
It tastes so good that they could sell a chicken jam salad baguette for lunch!!
The chicken jam was velvety with an intense spiciness.
Personally I liked the bread not buttered so that I could taste the full flavours of chicken jam.
Mediterranean salad $108:

A simple salad of tomatoes, cucumber, caramelized oranges, halloumi cheese, red peppers, and olives.
This was delicious because everything tasted good together especially the halloumi which gave the salad some saltiness while the sweetness came from the oranges.

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