Monday, February 23, 2015

Chiuchow fare at Tai Ping Kitchen

For Chiu Chow marinated dishes Ar Hung's delicacies used to the number one choice, but it has moved.
This place serves similar fare to Ar Hung.

It is nice that they have an ENGLISH.

One of the chefs is young and cute.

Noodles mixed with house sauce and BBQ Pork:

The noodles were tasty with lovely slices of BBQ pork but the alkaline taste was a little strong.
Goose liver in Chinese wine:

The goose livers were infused with a fragrant strong wine taste but it would be great if the texture could be softer and not so dry.
Rice with chicken, goose, tofu and egg:

The chicken stole the show because it was really silky and tasty, while the goose texture could have been softer.
Anyway, the sauce that they put on the rice was good because it was not that oily.

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