Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still good at Healthy chicken

Came here for more chicken but things have slightly changed because you can't choose two different rices like before.
Each extra scoop costs extra.

Anyway I had the chicken wings which were hot and delicious and they use plastic boxes instead of the paper boxes.

The chicken wings were big compared to the baby ones you find in HK.
To finish off I got the fruit water which tasted amazing however I could not find any of the bottles in the fridge containing blueberries as shown on their IG pic.
Anyhow, the drink was divine, it had hints of apples and I could also taste cinnamon even though there shouldn't be any and it tasted sweet so there could be some sweeteners.

I have also dined here before this visit so there will be another review coming up but the experience was slightly different because things have changed.

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