Friday, February 27, 2015

Moo Moo Swiss Roll

This was my second milk roll that I have had because it tastes really good!

The roll has lovely black and white patterns.

Inside the roll, there are pieces of milk pudding and delicious whipped cream.
Milk roll:

The roll is filled with delicious light creamy cream with pieces of milk pudding in it and the overall taste is very creamy with a sweet taste and scent that reminds me of white rabbit sweets.
I really like this Swiss roll because it is pretty and it tastes good.
The reason I like it is because it tastes NORMAL or WESTERN style in Chinese terms because the cream is normal smooth whipped cream that does not have this weird savoury taste.
They have used Australian milk instead of Hokkaido milk which is being used everywhere.
Chocolate bar cake:

Another creative cake by Maxim's.


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