Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Relaxing tea set at Owl Cafe

Previously I wanted to try this place but it wasn't open.

Went here for the tea set and both the drinks and sweet treats were good!!
The tea set was only $35.

The cafe is rather odd in terms of the furniture because they have nice sofa seats but the tables are foldable ones!

Anyway, the other bits and pieces were nice.

The entrance is rather weird because it is actually a lift for wheelchairs.

After looking at google map, this shop used to be an electronic games arcade but I don't know why it had a wheelchair lift.
Earl grey pudding:

This pudding was amazing because the sweetness was just right and the fruit jelly layer on top was refreshing.
The chocolate garnishing for both desserts were interesting because the colour was BLACK!
But anyway, it tasted nice because it wasn't too sweet but you could tell they put more vegetable oil in it instead of cocoa butter.
Milk pudding with marshmallows:

The milk pudding texture was really firm because there was a lot of gelatine in it but the sweetness was just right because the milk pudding is not sweet which goes with the chocolate sauce on top.
OWL hot chocolate:

I liked the foam cap but the taste was too milky.
Earl Grey tea:

A strong earl grey with a fragrant bergamot flavour.

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