Monday, February 02, 2015

合記粥店 is now back in Wan Chai

If it wasn't for openrice I would not have known that this congee joint used to be located on Lockhart Road four years ago.
The reviews at that shop were quite negative especially the hygiene and service.
Luckily I didn't get any of that and the shop owner was extremely nice and I even saw him give meal tickets (飯票)to an eldery.

The congee there was delicious and really cheap too.
Surprisingly they used an electric cooker to cook it!

Each bowl of congee was cooked separately and he took his time to cook them.

The congee variety was amazing.

Overall, the congee was good but the rice rolls were too elastic like glutinous pastry.
Every congee had delicious spring onions and tasty peanuts stirred into it before it was served.
Pig's stomach congee with cumin:

I don't normally order anything with pig's stomach but ordered it because of the cumin.
The congee was lovely and creamy with a hint of cumin.
Boat congee:

This congee was loaded with minced beef!!
Eel congee:
The eel congee was amazing because they put Chinese wine in it.

The eel was boneless as well and I didn't find any brittle bones in the congee.
Fried fish:

The fried fish was crispy from head to tail and every bit was edible because the guts were removed.
It just tasted delicious and brought out the best taste of congee after you took a bite of the crispy fish.
Rice rolls and fried dough stick rice rolls:
The rice rolls were the only items that I did not like because they was too chewy.

Thomson Road,
Wan Chai

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