Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mind blowing lamb dishes at City Garden's YUE

As the year of the goat is approaching many restaurants are coming up with lamb or goat related dishes!!

Yue has done a bold approach with Cantonese dishes that I could have never imagined!!

They have come up wth BBQ lamb which is marinated the same way as BBQ pork (Char siu).
They have replaced the BBQ pork with BBQ lamb in the famous 金錢雞 so it now becomes 金錢羊!!

粵味盆菜 Yue's poon choi ($2,888):

The items in the bowl were quite luxurious, there were tofu pockets filled with birds nest 內含足一兩燕窩的燕液福袋, prawns 玉簮明蝦球, prawn roe, abalone 南非鮑魚, BBQ lamb 蜜汁燒羊柳, pigs tongue 豬脷, chicken 江南百花雞, dried oysters 蠔豉, fish maw 花膠, sea cucumbers 遼參 on a bed of Chinese radish and lotus roots.
Here you can see the bird's nest inside the tofu pocket.

I loved it because it had all my favourite items especially the soft fish maw and bird's nest but the best item had to be the BBQ lamb because it was soft and tasted exactly like char shiu.
薑凍金錢羊 ($168):
As mentioned earlier, this is a lamb version of 金錢雞.

There are four layers, ginger jelly 薑啫喱 on the bottom, a layer of fat 冰肉, a slice of mushroom 白靈菇片 topped with BBQ lamb 蒙古羊柳.

I was really happy they had this because I have always wanted to try 金錢雞 but not many restaurants offer that and you need to book in advance.
It had a delicious but complex mouthfeel because of all the different layers.
金錢雞 is a famous Chinese dish which consists of a layer of liver, pork and and fat skewered together and roasted.

The soup that we had was chayote and whelk which was light and healthy.
Lotus wrapped rice in abalone sauce:

The rice was really tasty because it was evenly flavoured with abalone sauce and there were bits of mushrooms and dried oysters in it.
Tea smoked chicken:

The chicken was tender infused with a fragrant tea scent.
紅菜頭年糕 ($168) Beetroot pudding:

I was really looking forward to this and it turned out to be as good as I imagined.
Normally I don't touch Chinese New year puddings but this was mindblowing and delicious because it was not too sweet and it was soft with pieces of beetroot in it.
珍品蘿蔔糕 ($218):

As well as the pudding the turnip cake which I never eat was also good because it was a vegetarian version and contains morel mushrooms and other fungi so the taste was amazing.
1/F, City Garden Hotel, 9 City Garden Road North Point.

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