Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All You Can Eat Restaurant at Banmoto

I quite like this place because it is in the heart of ladies market.
At the moment, not many people know about this place so it is nice and quiet.

The prices are quite reasonable but the choices are limited because I couldn't find tuna or some milk broths that other places serve.

grass jelly juice:

As well as grass jelly, there are other drinks available.
White toro:

This was soft with a strong umami taste.
deep fried sweet purple taro:

This was more like dessert because it was sweet.
deep fried Japanese style tofu with cheese:

The texture was similar to fishcake and it was slightly rubbery with thick processed cheese in middle.

Sichuan style spicy noodles:

Interesting option at a Japanese restaurant but it was too spicy.
Kagoshima style black truffle poached egg:

This was delicious.
Truffle and eggs always go together.
grilled chicken wings with sea salt:

The chicken wing was ok but I couldn't taste the seasalt.
Anyway, I dipped the chicken in the egg yolk from the dish above and it tasted really nice.

ginseng chicken soup:

Tasted really bitter.
fried banana with chocolate dressing:

Basically it was banana in delicate tempura coating.
I would have liked it without the chocolate sauce because it was good on its own.
pan fried beansprouts

Simple but delicious with a hint of cracked black pepper but it was too salty.

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