Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loyal and royal fine Chinese food at Loyal Dining

I have been here many times before for the all you can eat dim sum and the roast pigeon.

This time came with a bigger group so had more food.

Here was what we had:
Loyal Chicken Wings Simmered in Homemade Sweet Soya Sauce (6pcs)

The chicken wings were soft and came off the bone easily.
It was savoury and sweet with a slight stickiness.
Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Whelk & Bamboo Fungus

This was a nice clear soup with two big chunks of bamboo piths in it.
Stuffed Chicken Wings with Vegetarian Fin

These wings were filled with scrumptious vegetarian fins and julienne vegetables.
Deep fried prawn toasts

Each toast had a thick layer of prawn patty with crispy toast beneath it.
Loyal seafood soup with puff pastry

The soup had a flawless puff pastry top.

Beneath it was rich seafood soup loaded with seafood.

Loyal Fried Flat Noodles with Sliced Beef in Homemade Sweet Soya Sauce

As well as beef, there were chunks of mushroom stalks which made it tastier and the sauce was not too sweet.
Sauteéd Vegetables with Minced Crab Meat

The broccoli had a nice crunch which paired nicely with the crab meat in gravy.
Lemon chicken

This was my favourite, tender pieces of crispy chicken in refreshing lemon sauce.
Fish fillets in sweet corn sauce

The crispy fish fillets and creamy sweet corn sauce was great with rice.
Loyal Pigeon Simmered in Homemade Sweet Soya Sauce (1pc)

The simmered pigeon was really tasty, a good alternative for people who do not like the roasted ones.
Crispy Pigeon

Compared to the simmered ones, these had a lovely crispy skin.
Loyal Soufflé

The souffle was really satisfying and it did not collapse and vanish when you ate it.
Modern Gei Dan Jai (Egg Waffle with Ice-cream)

I was too full for the waffles, but I liked the modern presentation with icecream on top.
Ice cream soda

It was great they had this on the menu because the icecream soda is not as sweet as the ones mixed with cola or lemonade.
Hot cola with lemon and ginger

The hot cola was soothing for a cold but the ginger was not strong enough.
To finish off we had the cute festive dim sum platter.

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