Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Valentine’s Day Tale told at HMV Kafe

Out of all the Valentines menus I have seen this year, the one at HMV Kafe seems romantic because it is laid out like a scene in one of Shakespeares plays.
It is divided into ACTS, INTERLUDE and the FINALE.

The set is priced at $1288 for two including tea or coffee. Here was the set that we had.
Enchanted Garden (Tagete flower)

This was a beautiful array of vegetables on a bed of mushroom soil.
I just felt that the mushroom soil was not exciting enough because I couldn't quite taste the mushrooms. It could be improved by putting bacon bits to make it tastier.
Perfect Pair (Begonia flower)

Next we had foie gras which was paired with vinegar pearls, the sharpness of the vinegar balanced the foie gras nicely.
Chamomile Pond (Chamomile)

This was chicken consomme infused with Chamomile.
It was clear with a strong chicken taste.
Light Curry Gelato (Borage flower)

The curry icecream was a great kick to the tastebuds because the spices were alive and the potato foam on top was silky and viscous and which smoothed it all out.
Apples, Apples, Apples (Pansy)

Steak and Flowers (Nasturtium)

There is a choice of steak or salmon.
Steak is definitely the one to choose because the vibrant potato jelly layer is mesmerising.
La Boulle de Chocolat (Lavender)

When this is served, they pour hot chocolate on top which melts the top away exposing the blood orange flavoured panna cotta beneath it with Kirsch caviar pearls.

The panna cotta was absolutely refreshing with a strong citrus flavour
After a lovely dinner, it was finished off with tea.

To summarize, I was quite impressed by their creativity and the effort they put in creating a menu like that which surpasses an ordinary cafe.

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