Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hungry for more at Hungrybird

Intrigued by the name Hungry bird was why I dined here!

There were lots of hungrybirds that night so the restaurant was quite full.

Here was what I had:
Hungry bird:

When it came, it was a huge piece of pastry.
Inside the pastry was pigeon wrapped in lotus leaf.

The pigeon tasted delicious because the sauce that came with it tasted like American BBQ sauce which is sweet and smokey.
Chips coated in salty egg yolk:

These chips are a must eat item, they were coated in delicious salty egg yolk which gave it a starchy salty crunch.

The asparagus was nicely grilled with a strong taste of cumin.

The vegetables could be improved because they looked like they were plucked from the ground.
Marshmallow toast:

Anyway who likes marshmallow spread will love this.
It was crispy toast topped with gooey marshmallow.

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