Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Golden food moments at Golden Bauhinia Cantonese Restaurant

It was my first time dining here and the dishes that we had were amazing.
Here was what we had:

Started off with ducks tongue, jellyfish, roast suckling pig, crispy beef brisket, prawn cake with water chestnuts.
The suckling pig was extremely crispy and the ducks tongues were soft and tasty.
Double boiled fish maw soup with porcini and Yunnan ham:

Next we had this warming soup which had a strong flavour from the ham and a lovely sticky feeling from the fish maw.
Abalone, goose feet, oyster and sea moss:

It was my favourite four items together in rich oyster sauce.
The abalone was tasty and soft.
Stir fried garoupa with French beans:

This was succulent pieces of garoupa paired with crunchy beans.
Crispy fried chicken marinated in tea leaf:

The chicken breast was amazingly tender and silky like cotton while the thigh piece was springy and meaty.
Organic choysum with conpoy, dried shrimp in rice soup:

This was my favourite because the rice soup was gently flavoured and it tasted like congee made into a gravy.
Salmon fried rice with truffle:

I was stunned by the presentation.
The grains of rice were distinct and the truffle was not too artificial and overpowering.
double boiled pear with citrus peel:

I am not a fan of Chinese desserts but I liked the pear and soup because there was a nice bitterness from the citrus peel and it was not too sweet.
Steamed sponge cake with olive kernal and eggtart:

I was too full for this but the sponge cake smelt nice.
Chinese radish pudding with abalone and conpoy:

The radish pudding had chunks of radish with a delicate taste of conpoy.
Red dates and Osmanthus pudding:

The pudding was chewy but every bite contained sweet red dates.
Golden Bauhinia Cantonese Restaurant. G/F Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai

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