Monday, February 16, 2015

Whitehead is The best place for BBQ

I don't often go to BBQs because the thought of travelling to Sai Kung is hell and 90% of the time in Hong Kong is hot and humid so why would you want to torture yourself having a BBQ.
Recently I joined some friends at Whitehead BBQ which changed my perception of BBQs and the fact that it was winter made it more enjoyable.
Whitehead BBQ is located in the countryside of Hong Kong with a nice seaview, we got the 10 person package for $2988 which includes a room with a patio for the BBQ furnished with a fridge, air con, TV, table, chairs and some games.

When you arrive, there is a name list at the reception to help people locate their BBQs and the staff will lead you there as well.

After you are settled they will check with you the list of food that is in the fridge and help you to start the BBQ going when you are ready.
Our package included forks, seasonings, plates, tissues and drinks.

Food wise, there was 2 bags of prawns, 2 bags of NZ mussels, 3 bags of scallops with garlic butter, Whole fish, 2 bags of ribs, chicken steaks, pork chops, chicken wings, chicken franks, chicken cartilage, pork burger patties, Taiwanese sausages, cheesy sausages, seafood balls, sweet potatoes and sweetcorn.

As well as all that, we had the BBQ suckling pig which was everyones favourite!! They even help you to serve it when it is ready.

Basically I had a great time and the food was good especially the suckling pig, chicken wings, burger patties and sweet potatoes.

I definitely had an enjoyable day and it has changed my perception of hot and sticky BBQs because it was nice that the place was fully equipped.

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