Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let ur stomach bow to Bao Wow and be wowed

Previously tried Little Bao which was nice but expensive.

Anyway, here comes Bao Wow which does a good variety of Baos too.
They cost $58 for two.

[Please note that this review is quite old because I dined here a long time ago]

Photos of restaurants:

A nice contrast of white and red.

The design of the menu was rather interesting because most restaurants emphasize their logo, but here the logo is on the corner and the 28 which is the street number is much bigger!

Taro fries:

A bit dry but otherwise ok.
As this review is old, the current taro fries are different.
Thai Fish fillet:

Fried fish fillet, Asian slaw, homemade Thai fish sauce.
The Thai fish fillet was soft and succulent complemented by the delicious purple cabbage slaw followed by a spicy aftertaste because the sauce was quite spicy.
Pang Pang chicken:

Shredded chicken, cucumber, crushed Sichuan spicy peanuts, homemade sesame sauce.
The chicken was really tasty and I loved the Sichuan peppercorns with the refreshing cucumber and nutty sauce.
Teriyaki Tofu (vegetarian):
Fried egg tofu, shiitake mushroom, teriyaki sauce.

This was my favourite bao even though it had egg tofu which I do not like because the pickled vegetables were tasty and the mushrooms were strong.
I was expecting myself not to like it because Teriyaki sauce is normally sweet but the combination of ingredients in this one really worked.
Sesame ginger porkchop:
Fried pork chop, shredded cabbage, homemade sesame ginger sauce.

This was quite nice but more sauce was needed because the pork chop was a bit dry.

So far my picks would be the fish, tofu and chicken.

Bao Wow:
Shop 2, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai

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