Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Braised red wine deer tendons @ Red More

When they opened they used to have braised deer tendons at the snack section, however they do not do that anymore.
They only have it in ready to eat packs now.
It used to be cheaper in the snack section because you can buy it with other items and it would cost less than $60.
The staff said that they no longer serve it because it was a loss leader.

Anyway since I had a craving for it I decided to get a pack but I wasn’t sure if the tendons would be soft enough because the ones they used to have at the snack bar had been braising in the pot all day. Although they no longer have deer tendons at the snack bar, they can heat it up for you to consume when you buy a packet and if you can’t finish it you can go there at another time and have the rest before it goes off.

I tried the tendons elsewhere and the tendons were soft and the taste of bay leaves was strong.
There were only one or two pieces of carrot, which is good because I prefer more tendons.

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