Friday, June 22, 2012

The Gold diamond at Thompson Road

Intended to come here before because I saw tables outside with people eating delicious fried eggs with soy sauce and rice.
However I went to the wrong restaurant which has now gone out of business.

I went to the wrong restaurant because they had tables of people on the pavement in front of Cheong Kee so I thought the food came from Cheong Kee Restaurant.

At this place I tried their curry and fried egg with luncheon meat, which I went to the wrong restaurant for a while ago.
There were quite a few choices with fried egg and the two interesting combinations were eggs and braised mushrooms, eggs with Vietnamese sausage, eggs and bacon and you can get extra curry sauce with it for $2.

I wonder how you would eat bacon with a Chinese spoon!

For curry they had an interesting one, which is based on the car noodle ingredients with pigs stomach, intestines and pigs skin!
Ordered Fried egg with luncheon meat and Deep-fried beef in cutlet with curry sauce.
Fried egg with luncheon meat:
I was slightly disappointed when I saw this because some of the yolk was cooked and the other yolk got mixed in with the white.
I was not expecting the fried egg to taste delicious but the cooked yolk was creamy and not starchy and there was no excess oil or foul oil smell so I really liked it.
The luncheon meat was crispy but soft inside and it was not too salty so it was quite healthy.
Deep-fried beef in cutlet:
It rare to see beef in cutlet batter so tried it and it was quite nice. The curry sauce was separate so the beef remained crispy.
Curry sauce:
The curry sauce was slightly sweet and there was a hint of mint in it.
There was also pieces of potato in the curry sauce.
Overall the customer service was quite good just as others mentioned which was really surprising and they also had tissue for use.
I only had an issue with the Chinese spoons and the Chinese must have a special skill eating steaks and food with these, but they let me change to a metal spoon, which was nice.

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