Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Great news for La Rose Noire fans with Passion

I have always been a fan of La Rose Noire, which has a section at the local supermarket.
They sell economical savoury and sweet pastries.
The sandwiches they do are great because they have all my favourite comfort ingredients such as chicken tikka and tandoori.
Their sandwiches are plain and simple with the 'normal' dressings and they have a strong reputation with the expats.

As well as pastries and sandwiches they have artisan cakes which can be seen online on their website but they were not sold at the supermarket.

I was so glad when this new place opened, located on the corner of Fraser House.
It is opened by Gerald Dubois, the owner of La Rose Noire ( which has a lovely website with pink and black as main colours and a rose).
They even have their deliveries delivered by their own La Rose Noire van.
Passion by Gerard Dubois houses all my favourite items from pastries, cakes to savoury items.
With this new place, I can't wait to see all his latest cake creations.
The prices are reasonable too perhaps slightly under priced because the whole interior and selection surpassed my expectations.
I loved the high ceilings and wooden fixtures, the whole place is just a wonderful place to stay for a rainy afternoon with people whizzing by while your divulging on delicious cakes.
Their nougats looked really good too especially the pink one.
Since I have tried their pastries I decided to try their cakes and vegetable quiche.
La Framboise:
There were so many thin layers of cake and filling and on top there was lovely dehydrated raspberry bits.
The cake was quite sweet. It was dusted by delicate fine flakes of dessicated coconut.
La Pistache:
This was my favourite, the taste was intense, although it was mainly meant to be pistachio, there were tones of raspberry and coconut in it as well.
Vegetable quiche:
The taste of the quiche was like savoury steamed egg because the egg taste was really strong and in the quiche filling were occaisionally pieces of broccoli.

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