Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Egg white delight ciabatta @ Starbucks

After trying the Hojicha and Green tea with Red bean frappuccino, I noticed the egg white delight ciabatta which I decided to try this time.
I also got the original green tea frappuccino as well to compare it to the Green tea frap with red beans.
Egg white delight ciabatta
The ciabatta was wrapped nicely just like a hamburger.
The fillings in the ciabatta was really nice, it had egg white, cheese and ham. It was simple but delicious.
The ciabatta was crispy and soft in the centre.
I thought the plain egg white was the best because the egg yolk is usually cooked and starchy in ciabattas or other sandwiches. Here it is just plain egg white, which is healthy for people who cannot consume too much cholesterol.
Green tea frappuccino
The green tea frappuccino in my opinion tastes better than the one with red beans because I do not like red beans, and this one is much creamier with extra whipped cream on top.
I requested for Vanilla free because the green tea powder itself is sweet.

Egg white and salmon ciabatta at Pacific Coffee:

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