Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deep fried salmon with fresh orange sauce @ 雅涴粉麵茶餐廳

The dish sounded really interesting in Chinese [鮮橙香脆三文魚] it was literally Fresh orange and crispy salmon.
I thought it was going to be how the usual sweet and sour fish but with orange sauce.
Usually when they say FRESH it does not necessarily mean fresh.
I also ordered it because not many Chinese cuisines serve salmon, however there are lots of Chinese cuisines trying to be Western by making baked rices and putting salmon in it.
When it came, it was fried thinly sliced salmon in bread coating.
The texture of the salmon was surprisingly not too fibrous.
The orange sauce really matched the fish, especially because it was watery and had bits of freshly squeezed orange in it.

The other egg dish was also interesting 菜花蜆肉煎蛋, clams and chives omlette.


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