Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super stacked chocolate cake @ Awfully Chocolate

I knew there was an Awfully chocolate branch in Central but did not know where it was, but since I had already tried the butterscotch cake at the Causeway Bay branch I was not in a rush to try their other items. However when I was walking on Stanley Street I noticed it and decided to eat there.
Although there are only two seats, the Central location is much more convenient to reach because there are no roads to cross and it is a street with lots of gourmet eateries. After reading reviews about the super stacked chocolate cake I was really intrigued by the taste and texture because is it really similar to the chocolate roll sold at Quezon (and cheaper as well around $1x per slice).
Chocolate swiss roll at Quezon: http://www.openrice.com/restaurant/commentdetail.htm?commentid=2173821
The chocolate cake is sold by weight and they offered to reheat it for me.

When it arrived they also provided me with some water which was really good and professional of them especially for eating sweet things.
The water was just what I needed because I just had some other sweet items beforehand so I did not want the aftertaste of that to interfere with the chocolate cake.

It was really tempting to order something else as well because there was water to refresh the palate and after eating sweet things it is nice to have some water. Anyway the texture of the cake was soft especially because it was heated up, but the parts that did not get heated up where slightly firmer.
But the taste was strong of cocoa.
Compared to Quezon the texture and taste were nearly the same but the one here is slightly bitter and the one at Quezon is sweeter and super soft and does not need reheating.

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