Saturday, June 09, 2012

Grilled squid and batter grilled shrimp@ Saizeriya

Felt like going to Saizeriya and was glad I went because there was new items on the menu.

Tried the grilled squid and batter grilled shrimps which was not previously on the menu.
Also ordered the black pepper sauce and chicken combo.
Grilled squid
It looked nearly the same as the product shot, however I was worried it might not have been cooked thoroughly as the squid was huge and thick,
Anyway, the middle was not cooked long enough but edible.
The sauce for the squid was really nice, it was similar to satay sauce but with more savory tones in it.
Batter grilled shrimps
The shrimps were huge, they were the same length as the table spoon.
The coating for the shrimp was quite thick too, the sauce that came with it was the prawn cocktail sauce that is served with the prawn cocktail and fried chicken pieces.
The coating was sligthly burnt and dark if you compare it to the product shot.
Black pepper sauce and chicken combo
This was a platter of fried chicken pieces, chicken wings and grilled chicken thigh with black pepper sauce which is quite good because you can sample all those items.

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