Monday, June 25, 2012

MR. Vietnamese Baguette House now in Wan Chai

Previously I used to go the one at Fortress Hill, which was far, but now there is a branch in Wan Chai, but it is still too far, so I called for a delivery.

I did not have their menu, but luckily there is one on Open Rice but when I called the set I wanted to order was not on and the baguettes are now cheaper but without drinks.
You can get the Baguette set with chips or prawn crackers and a drink, but as I do not like prawn crackers I just ordered the baguette.
The chips would be soggy by the time it got delivered too so that’s why I did not get the set as well.

As a standard at this place, all baguettes have Vietnamese sausage, Julienne carrots, onions, and pate with a choice of filling: mushrooms, sardines, chicken, pork, pork floss or beef.
There are three choices for the baguette: Charcoal, Original and Black malt.

I chose the Charcoal baguette with mushrooms and the Original baguette with sardines.

The baguettes arrived well on time and the guy had change prepared when I paid.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Charcoal baguette with mushrooms
The Julienne carrots were really nice and refreshing and they have turned an ingredient which I don’t like delcious. The baguette was fresh and crispy and the sauces were strong however there was a lot of MSG in the sauce.
The Vietnamese sausage and mushrooms were thinly sliced which made it easier to eat.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Original baguette with sardines
This tasted the same as the above and there were sardines instead of mushroom.
The baguette for this one was slightly soggy because of the fish.
Both baguettes were split at the top with a gap in the middle like a hotdog which are different from Western baguettes or buns because they are split at the side.
Their baguettes have kept the same standard as the baguettes at Fortress Hill but the one thing I could not taste in the baguette was the liver pate nor could I see it.
MR. Vietnamese Baguette House - Fortress Hill
Refreshing lime water:
Neat Baguette:
Price: $64
English menu: Yes, check the menu on OpenRice
Service: Friendly
Yummy factor: Delicious
MSG Levels: Slightly over

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