Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Curry hamburger steak vs Product shot @ Jika

Curry Hamburger steak with rice and curry sauce
Although the product shot was only for reference, it was interesting that the hamburger was much smaller and there were no carrots in the sauce.
Udon with sesame sauce with shredded chicken
This is basically the same as the chinese noodles in sesame sauce with chicken and julienne cucumbers.
The sesame sauce is stronger than the Chinese one to give the udon full flavour, however the sesame taste was not as sickly as the Chinese one because it was slightly sweet and sour.
There were also tempura pieces as a side on the noodles which made it Japanese. The tempura pieces were quite nice because the frying oil was fresh and they were fried just right that they were light and crispy.
As well as chicken there was also a Japanese style hot spring egg Onsen Tamago which is similar to a poached egg however the surface of the egg is smooth!

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