Monday, June 25, 2012

Fatal attraction with fate, you can't fight fate @ Olala

I have always wanted to try this place but last time I came it was closed.

In a way, I was glad it was closed because I had not read 梵高將軍's review as it was really detailed explaining the ingredients in the soup and the special pickled vegetables you can ask for so I knew at least what to expect.

I should have accepted fate that I didnt have any luck with this place as it was closed the first time I attempted to go.
I should given up recently when the their phone number 2294 0426 didnt ring as well when I called to check if it was open!
Well if their phone is dead I cant see them getting any reservations through the phone, but this same number is not only listed on OR but on other websites as well.

From my previous experiences when I tried to go to places that were closed on my first visit, the food was not good or the items I wanted to try were not available when they were open.

Anyway, went there, and ordered the Prawn noodles.

Waited for a while and it arrived, the soup was lighter than 梵高將軍's, it was not even orange/brown or had those orange oil droplets but if it tastes really nice then I am not bothered.
As the reviews mentioned, it should have prawns and dried prawns, so I decided to take pictures to flaunt the dried prawns and prawn.
Picture of  梵高將軍's prawn noodle:
Picture of  smashing pumpkin's prawn noodle:


I picked the prawn and put it in a separate bowl, then I started to look for the dried prawns.
I was stirring the noodles in my bowl over and over and I could not find any.
I could only find one type of prawn, but Smashing pumpkins had three types!!
I asked the waitor if there were meant to be any dried prawns "ACCORDING TO THE MENU" then she asked another colleague who came over and she told me that they were temporarily not available.
I was furious because they should have mentioned it beforehand or at least indicate that on the menu.
As it was listed on the menu, I felt the dried shrimps were a main ingredient as well along with the prawns and spring onions!! The broth was probably not as strong as it should be!

I asked since when they didnt have the dried shrimp and she said it was recently not available and next time when I come it should be available.
This is my first visit and I have been deceived already, do you think I would come back again???????
Also their telephone number does not work so how I can call to ask?

Usually this happens at busy fast food places where they run out of ingredients but since those dishes are not that expensive it acceptable to go without or have it changed.

It's just not on for a Michelin rated restaurant to be doing that to customers.
If I had not read the earlier reviews I would be thinking my noodles were worth $150 when actually part of the ingredients were missing!
I wonder how many people have eaten the prawn noodles recently without being given the dried shrimp without knowing it?

They did offer to let me to choose another noodle but there was nothing else I really wanted, and it was just one of those restaurants where there is only one item that I wanted to try.

I suppose I should have changed it to the oyster and meat noodles 蠔豉肉片麵 but I couldnt think straight at that moment!
I then asked for the pickled vegetables as GF said they tasted nice, but the tone of her voice sounded like I deserved it because I did'nt get any dried shrimps!!

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