Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second round of desserts @ Your Restaurant

After trying four delicious desserts last time, this time I was back for more.

I got Durian mousse, Chocolate mousse, Milk tea sawdust pudding.

Chocolate mousse
The chocolate mousse was dusted with chocolate curls.
Overall I found it too cloyingly sweet otherwise it would have tasted nice.
Durian mousse
I wasn’t sure if this was going to taste nice because sometimes when Durian is made into a dessert it tastes fake and too creamy when they add cream into it.
The texture of this mousse was extremely light with fine mousse bubbles in it.
The durian taste was strong and it was not too creamy and there was pieces of durian in the mousse as well.
The pieces of durian that they put in the mousse were not that ripe but matched the mousse because the pieces of durian were sweet and had a slight crisp fibrous texture to it so you taste and feel the real pieces of durian in it as well.
Overall the mousse tasted like eating a real aerated durian that was blended into a mousse.
Towards the end it started to taste too sweet.
The only unpleasant experience was burping durian odour the whole day.
Milk tea sawdust pudding
I do not like Chinese milk tea but as a dessert there is less bitterness taste to it and they probably do not use condensed milk.
The sawdust pudding tasted like milk tea mousse with fine biscuit crumbs on top.

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