Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Special tonkotsu ramen @ David Ramen

Dined here a long time ago but the noodles were not that memorable so left the review until now.

I wished I went recently because they now have the limited edition summer noodles just like "jau yuet 周月" in Central as seen in TaiwanWalker's review.
The summer noodles here have okra, mountain yam and these cute mushrooms on top which would have been fun to eat.
Anyway ordered the Special Tonkotsu which is just the tonkotsu noodles with extra black garlic oil.
Special tonkotsu ramen
Although these are the noodles that I like the soup broth was dissappointing as shown on the picture.
The black garlic oil was barely visible and the broth was not thick.
Almond pudding
The almond pudding was quite nice, it was creamy and silky.
Roasted tea
This was complimentary and was good for refreshing the palate before the noodles and before the dessert.

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