Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scallop porcini ravioli at Hang Hau Village

After my favourite La Piazzetta closed down in Wan Chai I ventured to the outskirts of TKO to La Piazza to try their Ravioli. It is renowned for economical pastas as well as fine pastas.

It used to be a good location especially when ATV's Clear water bay studio used to be located there but the crew and actors usually go for Chinese food and there is a really good canteen there (which should be listed on openrice) that does delicious chicken steak with garlic and spring onions and crispy pork patty with salted fish.
It was mild that day so I sat outside. I was surprised there was not many mosquitoes about which was good.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Scallop and porcini mushroom ravioli
Ordered this first and it was served so fast.
I was expecting it to take longer and it didnt even take five minutes but it turns out they were not hot enough.
The sauce was creamy but it wasnt too heavy.
Inside the ravioli were whole pieces of scallops and pieces of porcini mushroom.
If there was truffle oil or fresh truffle used in the sauce it would have been perfect.
However the scallops in the ravioli were rather chewy and I could not distinguish whether the scallops were raw or overdone, but from the pictures it seems raw because if they were cooked it should be white and not so translucent. Overall the pasta tasted nice and the porcini mushrooms were nice and strong.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Squid ink pasta with asparagus and prawn
I mentioned that the ravioli was not hot enough so the chef ensured the squid ink pasta was piping hot.
The pasta was stir-fried with garlic and some fine celery stalks in it. The pasta was extremely al-dente and slightly too oily with some odour from the pan but since I went late the pan had probably cooked many more pastas before so it accumulated some odours from the other dishes. The asparagus was big and it was surprising that they were not woody.
The only thing that let it down was some sand in the pasta and I wasnt sure if it came from the prawns or the asparagus.
On the menu this pasta is called shrimp and asparagus tonnarelin but when I googled tonnarelin I was referred to Tonnarelli. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Tonnarelli is a thicker, more squared, version of spaghetti. I think the pasta was made in house because it had a different texture to the normal pasta and it was not so mushy.
Price: $300
English menu: yes
Service: Attentative and listens to your comments
Yummy factor: OK
Oilyness levels: Slight

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