Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super soba super soba mania @ Kurotaki

When I first saw pictures of their soba noodles I added it to my to eat list imediately.

Kurotaki specialises in Soba noodles and they serve four different types.

On the menu they have an introductory for each type of noodle which is quite informative for those who do not know.
Just to cut it short the four types of noodles are:
Inaka soba noodle – countryside soba that is springy with soft tender texture
Etanbetsu soba - thin and sticky, made from centermost part fo buckwheat.
Sarashina sesame soba - made with premium buckwheat flour.
Shiretoko Zarusoba thin soba noodle served cold on bamboo basket made with centermost of part of buckwheat seeds together with kelps and seaweed.
Ordered Chilled Shiretoko Zarusoba with sesame and black garlic oil sauce, Chilled sarashina sesame soba with natto and Assorted skewers.
Chilled Shiretoko Zarusoba with sesame and black garlic oil sauce
I had to try this because I wanted to try the soba made with seaweed and kelp.
The sauce was interesting and tasted of sesame and black pepper. The menu does not say it has pepper on the English but the Chinese has.
The combination of sesame and ground black pepper was quite good because the spicyness of the pepper balances out the creaminess of the sesame sauce.
Chilled sarashina sesame soba with natto
I just had to get these noodles as well because all my favourite elements were there: natto beans, egg, okra, kelp, mountain yam and grated white radish.
These noodles came with a separate vinaigrette sauce and it tasted really refreshing that I poured all of it.
The noodles also had these delicious tiny crisp seeds that looked like ultra tiny dried chick peas which I did not know what is was but everything matched so well together.
Assorted skewers: chicken pork, beef and ox tongue with green pepper turnip sauce, turnip, plum and spices.
I ordered this because the green puree looked interesting, the green puree was basically green peppers and white radish pureed together.
On the menu it saids turnip but I think they mean white radish.
Overall the skewers were nice because of the white radish puree.
To try on my next visit:
Fresh tomato, sea urchin and salmon roe chilled etanbetsu soba and DIY Japanese tofu curd.

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