Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Refreshing summer noodles @ 周月

Took me a while to find this place but when I got there I was allocated a nice seating area so it paid off for all that walking!

Anyway came here specifically for the summer noodles which are noodles topped with lots of leafy greens and dressing.
Menu description: Lots of potherbs, Japanese basil, white radish sprouts and slow roasted chicken with al dente noodles and mayonnnaise.
Summer noodles
The noodles were al dente as described but perhaps too chewy for my liking but the leafy greens made it less chewy because the greens were tougher and complimented the noodles really well.
They selected just the right greens to go with these noodles because both the noodles and the leafy greens were chewy.
Apart from mayonnaise there was also vinaigrette dressing with lots of sesame seeds in it which was tangy but I felt that it was not tangy enough.
They also offer you mustard sauce as well to go with the noodles and chicken.
While I was there I could smell the bamboo shoots from other peoples noodles which was quite pungent.

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