Friday, July 04, 2014

$43 for a bowl of oyster congee

Since my last visit in 2009, the price of congee has gone from $28 to $43, an increase of $15.
That's around a dollar every year!!!!

Luckily, the congee still tasted delicious because the congee had strong oyster tasted with hints of dried fruit peel.

There were about 4 big oysters in the congee, but they looked different to the ones I tried in 2009 because they were brown compared to the grey ones on my last visit which you can refer to on my previous review.

I recommend having the oysters last or with the congee when you have nearly finished because they have such a strong taste that the tasty congee will become tasteless if you eat the oysters first.
When you bite into the oysters, it crumbles into sandy lumps, just like salted egg yolk.

新九記粥麵 Sun Kau Kee Noodle Shop
G/F, 9 Tai Wang Tung Street, Wan Chai

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