Friday, July 18, 2014

Best grocer in Kennedy Town

Kennedy Town is a big trek for me so I grouped a few places to dine.
I planned going there on the 2nd of June which was a public holiday Monday but couldn't because they don't open on Mondays.

Sundays would be a great day to go because they have fried chicken but they don't have a place to sit or a bar table to facilitate people dining there.

At Sunday's Grocery, they sell fast food, alcohol, condiments and these iceballs which are served in fancy cocktails.

I would have ordered the sandwich but since I was going to have more food that evening I settled for the Chicken fingers.
Next time I am going to try the Jewish penicillin.
Chicken fingers:

The chicken fingers came in a sturdy and trendy box lined with grease paper.
There was kewpie mayonnaise and ketchup to accompany the chicken.

The chicken was perfectly fried and tender inside.

Cool matchsticks:

While I was there, I picked up some really nice matchsticks which were in a cute cigarette packet the same size as a normal matchbox.


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