Saturday, July 12, 2014

MINI CLUB holds a lot of fun!

MINI CLUB (Tsim Sha Tsui)

I don't drink so I don't go pubbing, but for British food I will go to pubs for my pub grub which is normally filled with expats.

At MINI CLUB, it is more of a Hong Kong style Western pub which is obviously filled with locals with one expat that night.
The food is slightly different and offers seafood platters and hams for sharing.

That night the expat who was sitting next to our table was not quite satisfied with the "BREAD" aka French Toast.
[The crispy crunchy toast that you can buy in British supermarkets]

As a BBC myself I could understand why because it was not Bread, but anyway, maybe he thought the food was going to be British style.
But as my general rule, I see if there are many expats there before judging on the food, however you shouldn't use this rule if there are special events such as LIVE football where people just flock for that reason regardless of the food.

Tried the abalone slices which were juicy and springy with a natrual sweet taste that did not require the sauce.

For the fish and chips I was quite impressed because the fish fillets reminded me of BIRD's eye fish fillets.
The only thing that let it down was the frying oil which had become slightly stale.

The fried eggs which I thought were going to be Scotch eggs were Thai style preserved eggs in a delicious golden prawn patty.

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