Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Delicious afternoon quiche tea set

O delice! is a relatively new French joint in town serving crepes and waffles.

They are always busy which means their food is good.

I managed to get there during Tea Time so I tried their Bacon and Mushroom quiche which is new.

They had crepes as an option for tea too.

Bacon and mushroom quiche:

I was super glad I chose the quiche because it was REALLY cheesy, I liked the browned cheese surface on top which was really nice and there was more cheese in the quiche filling as well.
The quiche pastry was also cheesy.
Normally I don't like bacon quiches but the bacon pieces were lean and meaty which was delicious with the eggy cheese filling in the quiche.
The salad on the side was also good because of the refreshing balsamic dressing that was not sweet like other places.
Earl Grey:

The tea they served was Twinning's Earl Grey tea.
O delice:
Landale Street

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