Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Philipino Avocado ice pops

Walked past and saw these interesting new ice candies which I have never seen before.

They were frozen in slim bags which were food grade I hope!

Anyway, got the avocado flavour which was quite nice but you need scissors to cut the top off or otherwise I don't know how you're meant to eat it.

I was really surprised it was not too sweet because most Philipino foods are too sweet and the icecandy was such a cooler because it turned into silky slush.
The taste was milky with a hint of avocado.
There were other flavours too but frozen avocado is rare!

** according to openricer Loklaw, the owner said it is made with mashed avocado, condensed milk and sugar **
Cinta J express:
2A O'Brien Road

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