Monday, July 14, 2014

Gweilos unite at Central's Gweilo Bar & Grill

I have always wanted to try this place for food but never got round to it.
Finally went with a buy one get one free dinner given at the escalators.

The decor is nice.

The dinner menu.


A simple caesar salad.
Steak pie and chips:

The chips were stacked so nicely like jenga bricks.

It was served with a side of Branstons pickle and a pickled onion so I was quite happy that I did not have to visit a chippy for the pickled onion.

The chips were surprisingly good because they were not too crispy with a soft fluffy centre.
As expected the steak pie was amazing with a lovely puff pastry and delicious beef gravy inside with chunks of beef.
Typhoo Tea:

To finish off I was delighted with tea because they used Typhoo Teabags which is British.
It was strong and aromatic!
Gweilo Bar & Grill 
28 Old Bailey Street

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